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Seminario Interuniversitario de Investigación en Ciencias Matemáticas


The Organizing Committee of the SIDIM 2024 invites interested parties to submit proposals for minisymposia or thematic sessions.

Purpose: SIDIM's Minisymposia or Thematic Sessions provide a mechanisms to gather common interest groups of the proponents on subjects that may not have enough numbers to organize a separate congress, thus avoiding the complexities of the organization of a full meeting.

Types: A Minisymposia or Thematic Session may be:
Contents: A Thematic Session or Mini symposium consists of four talks in a two hours period. The organizer will start the session with an overview of the session content. The first talk (of 40 minutes plus five minutes of questions and/or discussion) consists of a panoramic view of the subject, given by a person of recognized authority by the intended audience. The three remaining speakers will follow with talks (of 20 minutes plus five minutes of questions and/or discussion each) on the specialized area.

Proposal content: A proposal for a Thematic Session or Minisymposium should include the following information:
  1. Title: Describe the subject area as accurately and specifically as possible.
  2. Organizer: Provide complete name, affiliation, postal and electronic address, and telephone number of the organizer.
  3. Summary: Describe your Thematic Session or Mini symposium in about 300 words as it will appear in the congress program. A text addressed to specialists as well as to researchers from related areas is recommended. The following outline is also suggested:
    • Explain the problem area to be addressed by the speakers and its importance.
    • Identify current directions of research and methods being developed to solve problems, including their advantages and shortcomings.
    • Describe the scope of your thematic session or minisymposium.
  4. Support: List the sponsors that will fund travel, housing and stipends of speakers as they should appear in the program (if applicable).
  5. Speakers: List the complete names, affiliations, postal and electronic address and talk title for all proposed speakers. Talks abstracts should be send to SIDIM by the abstract submission deadline. Be sure to include the appropriate thematic session or minisymposium title when submitting the abstracts for the session.

Evaluation and deadlines: The proponents should send proposals to by January 31, 2024. SIDIM's Technical Committee will evaluate the proposals for thematic sessions or minisymposium and notify organizers of final approval.

Additional Information: For additional information you may contact the SIDIM Permanent Committee by email, or by phone at (787) 850-9386.